Military Heroes Project

Welcome TO AMERICAN IDEALS FOUNDATION,INC  501 (c)3, non profit  MILITARY HEROES PROJECT***     ***NEWS: We have acquired the CARLSTROM ARMY AIR FIELD / BASE in Arcadia, Florida...built in 1917, where our military and the British RAF trained during WWI and became a U.S. Air Force Base for WWII...for more information or to become a Sponsor contact us at or call: 813-416-8456 ***

The Military Heros Project is presented by the American Ideals Foundation, Inc (not for profit) to honor Military men and women through the Arts at no cost to the family.

Our Mission

The AMERICAN IDEALS FOUNDATION, INC. a 501 (c) 3 non-profit is to use all of the ARTS to help, assist COMMUNITIES, PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES, through our various divisions to better their lives in a HUMANITARIAN way.

****                               "THE ARTS: THE BRIDGE TO HUMANITY"                                 ****

Contact Us At:

 (813) 416-8456   or****www.FoundationofAmericanIdealsInc.Org      

WE HELP VETERANS OBTAIN A NEW HOME AT GREAT SAVINGS , "WALK YOU THROUGH HELP", AND BONUSES...Several Veterans families have been able to purchase a new home with our services when they never thought it possible to own a home.  ALSO disabilities are taken into account when constructing a new home fit the families needs!   TO GET STARTED JUST SIGN IN AT: NewHomesForVets.Com

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